♣ About the product:

• Made in Japan
• Company of manufacture: FCC Horiuchi Co.,Ltd - 1-6-3 Higashiaikawa, Kurume city, Fukuoka 839-0809, Japan
• Contents: 900ml x 1 bottle

♣ Sea Fucoidan Dx and its great uses.

• Fucoidan in Sea Fucoidan Dx is a super slimey compound, combining the excellent extract from high-quality Chilean kelp is added to Tongan Mozuku extract which is grown wild in Tonga. Not only does the sea contain no residues or toxic waste, it also contains a lot of beneficial minerals and a large amount of useful substances such as Fucoxanthin and fiber.
• Fucoidan in Sea Fucoidan Dx has the effect of preventing and treating cancer, the product is recommended by doctors and experts in Japan. Adding resistance, increasing the immune system for the body to easily fight back the diseases especially cancer.

• Besides, Fucoidan will help reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as removing toxic metals, by adhering to toxic toxins from cancer cells during chemotherapy, radiation therapy, supplementation of fiber to help reduce diarrhea, help patients prevent toxins that cause nausea, vomiting due to receiving too many antibiotics at the same time to help patients recover quickly after the treatment process according to the hospital, improve the life clearly.

♣ Outstanding advantages of Sea Fucoidan Dx:

• As a water-based product, it maintains the natural activity of Fucoidan, has a positive effect on rapid absorption from the oral cavity and stomach but is not completely resolved here but continues to enter the intestine, stimulate the activity of the intestinal wall.

• Sea Fucoidan Dx is a natural and safe product. Being certified the certificate of Food Safety Conditions by Vietnam Food Administration.

• Golden Medal for Public Health

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