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If there is a golden opportunity for you to be protected, prevented and treated for cancer, do you accept it?
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Ultra-high concentrated seaweed extract
900ml x 1 bottle
The most well-balanced and powerful product.
Sea Fucoidan DX contains 1.87 times more FUCOIDAN

The best begining for cancer patient and family.
♣ Sea Fucoidan DX is the No. 1 cancer treatment and prevention product recommended by Japanese doctors and experts with great functions such as:

+ Preventing effectively the cancer, not allowing pathogens to appear in the body's cells.
+ Helps increasing resistance, replenishing immune system to fight the diseases.
+ Adding nutritional supplements for people with cancer during treatment according to doctors at the hospital.
+ Sea Fucoidan Dx reduces the side effects of radiotherapy, removes toxic metals and radiotherapy components by adhering to toxic substances that neutralize toxins for the liver to function properly. Speeding up skin healing, preventing skin reactions, fighting inflammation and reducing skin damage, preventing acne. In addition, the fiber present in Fucoidan helps normalizing the stool, slowing down the process of food passing through the intestine will prevent diarrhea and inflammation of the intestines, limit vomiting, nausea from toxins in radiation therapy.

+ Sea Fucoidan Dx’S special feature: Contains Fucoidan to help treating and preventing cancer by bringing Cancer Cells back to the cycle Apotosic, the cycle of normal cells in the body from the stage shows signs of wrong developing. This is what other invasive methods can not be done such as: Cut off, burn ... especially for the type of malignant or disease in the early stages of detection. Therefore, when using Sea Fucoidan Dx, not only users can feel the change in positive health condition clearly every day but also keep a good psychology, have a more comfortable life.
5.800.000 vnđ
Sea Fucoidan DX is made from an extract of Mozuku harvested in rich environments
We select and use only the best of a rare Mozuku seaweed, grown and harvested in pollution free waters.

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor (Eleanor Roosevelt)

But not everyone is lucky to enjoy the great taste of life. There are still a lot of unlucky people, let Sea Fucoidan DX gives you a chance to stay healthy and feel the positive change that you did not think it would be possible.

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